Meeting Scheduling Apps: Calendly vs Pipedrive Scheduler

Meeting Scheduling Apps for Business Calendly vs Pipedrive Scheduler

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A good customer journey helps your customers achieve their goal while making the process as much fun as possible.

Quick, easy, and cooperative communication is the crux of a great customer journey. A meeting scheduling app helps you make and keep your customer communication smooth, focused, and problem-solving.

We will discuss Calendly and Pipedrive Scheduler business meeting scheduling apps for business, debate external appointment scheduling software versus internal appointment schedule software, and see how Calendly and Pipedrive Scheduler compare to each other.

Using External vs Internal Meeting Scheduling Apps

An external appointment scheduling software works standalone and is not a part of your business CRM. You may need to use an external meeting scheduling app for the CRMs that don’t have a great meeting scheduler.

The external meeting scheduling apps can also provide you additional features that may not be available in the CRM meeting scheduler.

An internal business meeting scheduler app is a feature of your CRM you are already using in your business. An internal app would be preferable when you are already using a CRM in your business (assuming your CRM has a meeting scheduling feature like Pipedrive Scheduler).

Calendly vs Pipedrive Scheduler

Calendly is one of the top external appointment scheduling software. It has been praised well for its simplicity, ease of use, and intuitive design which kind of tells you what you want to or need to do next, and it is also great for integration with your CRM.

Calendly is feature-rich and still comparatively cheap. For small businesses, Calendly is one of the great options for optimizing appointments and meeting scheduling for sales and support.

Pipedrive Scheduler is a part of the Pipedrive CRM ecosystem. When you are using Pipedrive CRM for managing your business, having Pipedrive for optimizing customer journey helps you keep all your customer data within your CRM.

Internal software for appointment scheduling for small businesses helps them manage customer data in one place and helps different departments work better together.

Appointment Scheduling Software Comparison | Calendly vs Pipedrive Scheduler

Let’s see how Calendly and Pipedrive Scheduler compare side by side. We will also see each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.


Calendly appointment scheduling software has a wider application. Most businesses, starting from solopreneurs to small and medium businesses, can use Calendly to improve customer journeys.

Let’s look into the pros and cons of the Calendly meeting scheduling app briefly.

Pros Cons
The round robin feature optimizes agent availability. You can set role-based and priority-based availability. Some features are only available in premium plans.
Open API makes integration to any third-party tool easy. Needs time and resources for CRM integration.
Shared events make group meetings easier.
You can integrate your Calendly account with PayPal and receive payments for things like exclusive support, coaching, etc.

Customers have praised the ease of use and intuitiveness of Calendly. It has received good feedback for managing calendars, scheduling meetings,

The downsides of Calendly as per reviewers include calendar syncing issues, no chat or phone support available, some round robin distribution issues, and slow response from the support team. Only a handful of customers say that the appointment scheduling page was unresponsive on some devices.

Explore Calendly to see if it fits your needs.

Pipedrive Scheduler

Pipedrive scheduler is the appointment scheduling feature of Pipedrive CRM. It is an internal meeting scheduling software as it runs in the Pipedrive CRM ecosystem.

Internal appointment scheduling software helps a business keep all customer data in one place. This improves lead processing and deal processing and makes interdepartmental working smooth.

Explore Pipedrive Scheduler to see if it fits your business needs.

Pros Cons
Built-in with Pipedrive CRM No round robin events, no automatic availability optimization
Simple to set up events, the process is easy and beginner-friendly Not available in the Essentials plan
  Does not support payment integration
  Not great for advanced integrations like assigning meetings to specific dates

Calendly vs Pipedrive Scheduler Pricing Comparison

Calendly has a free version which is very good for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small businesses that don’t need much meeting scheduling and appointment setting.

Pipedrive Scheduler is a part of Pipedrive CRM. It is not offered as a standalone product. Also, Pipedrive Scheduler is not available in the basic package, called Essentials in Pipedrive pricing terms.

Let’s see how both business appointment scheduling software pricing compare. These prices are available when you pay an annual payment. For monthly packages, you will pay approximately 20% more.

Calendly Pipedrive Scheduler
‘Free’ package with one calendar sync and good features, with email support No free package but a no-credit card trial is available
‘Essentials’package for $8/month in annual with 2 calendar sync, and Live Chat support Essential package doesn’t have meeting scheduler
‘Professional’ package for $12/month, 6 calendar connections, live chat support Advanced package offers limited appointment setting and meeting scheduling for Pipedrive scheduler
‘Teams’ package for $16 per month, 6 calendar connections, live chat support Professional & Enterprise packages give you unlimited access to business meeting scheduling and appointment setting
‘Enterprise’ package is custom for every new customer. Only this package comes with phone support  

How Can You Choose the Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Businesses?

You can use these factors to see if you should use Calendly or Pipedrive Scheduler.

Business Size

For self-employed, freelancers, solopreneurs, and very small businesses that don’t really need a CRM, Calendly is a better choice for quickly and easily optimizing customer journeys..

For businesses big enough to use a CRM for managing customer relationships, Pipedrive Scheduler may be more familiar and better suited, but with a short learning curve.


Calendly is cost-effective. Its free plan offers many features that will get the job done for most small businesses. Pipedrive Scheduler is costly, and it also does not come as a standalone application outside Pipedrive CRM.


Calendly is appointment-focused and beginner-friendly. It manages your calendar like no other.

Pipedrive Scheduler works well for meeting scheduling within Pipedrive CRM. However, it has a short learning curve and is not a great fit for many small businesses.

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