Business Process Automation

Seamless Automation provides end-to-end automation solutions that will help your company lower the need for human repetitive work and increase productivity by using automated workflows within business processes.

We want to ensure that all businesses we work with can compete in a new, fully digitalized world that inevitably becomes our reality.

Let us help you go through the digital transformation that is happening right now in every aspect of our life and business,

Individual Approach

– Systems designed to precisely fit your business needs
– Easy to improve and to add new functionalities

Dedicated Support

– Professional and detailed support
– Easy to reach out team of specialists


Workflow Automation Specialists

At Seamless Automation, we eliminated phrases “this cannot be done” or “this is impossible.”

Only a couple of years ago, an average company couldn’t imagine automating its workflow in a fast and convenient way. Today, the market has changed and lots of possibilities have arisen. Seamless Automation is here to respond to businesses’ needs and offer you what’s currently possible – fast, automated and transparent business processes.

Our main goal is to provide you with professional solutions that will free up business resources, so you can use them to grow rather than just sustain your business. You can redistribute your resources and focus on what matters for your business or save them to optimize operational costs.

Because we understand the core principles of business, we can work with almost any industry building its presence and position on the Internet. We will help you choose or integrate tools you currently use and connect them the most efficient way.

Let us use our experience in the field and help you achieve that goal!

We’re happy to answer any question.


How can your company benefit?


Removing inefficiencies and repetitive tasks in your operations improves productivity, so you and your team can focus on what you do best – grow your business and focus on customers.

Data Enrichment

Collect and organize data effortlessly. Get better insights, perform conscious decisions and increase your business advantage.


Workflow automation allows everyone on your team to follow the same standard procedures. This approach gives you a better overview of your processes and makes the company easier to control.


Automation as a Service

Automation can be made in various ways. Seamless Automation provide support in three fields:

  • CRM implementation, integration and maintenance
  • Low-code API automation
  • Code-written browser automation

Check out our offer and get in touch with us if that’s something you may need!

CRM Implementation

Get your own fast and intuitive CRM system – explicitly designed to fit your needs.

Integrate it with third-party applications and see how your business reaches the next level of efficiency.

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Automate repetitive tasks and let the computer do the tedious job.

So, you can focus on what matters the most – growing and scaling your business.

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Use the power of Selenium and check how much value automated browsers can bring to your business.

Whether you need these browsers to perform actions that bring value to your business or to test your application – we can help you in both cases!

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Satisfation in the first place

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the project take?

For most projects, we’re able to deliver the final product in a couple of weeks. This can vary from project to project. If we can determine exactly what you need before we start, collect the necessary requirements right away and work collaboratively on the project, this shortens the completion time significantly.

From our side, we always do our best to finish your project in the shortest time possible so that you can enjoy the benefits of automation as soon as possible.

How big of a budget do I need?

Before deciding to start a project, always remember to budget separately for specific applications and implementation services. The services’ budget will depend on how advanced the project is at the end.

We offer both fixed-price and hourly-rate contracts.
Either form of payment can be a good choice depending on the project.

Reach out to our specialists to discuss your project and get a quote.

How will we work together?

We communicate through a web meeting platform for most projects after completing every significant part of the project, especially when we want to show you the effects of our work or ask specific questions.

Whenever we need more information, you can expect us to message you through e-mail or other communicator, depending on which communication channel we agreed to use and how long we’re working together.

To answer any specific or technical questions, we often send you explanation videos where our specialists show directly on the screen how to get a working solution.

To learn more – check out our work process!

How can you make sure that this project will work for our business?

We start from an initial conversation where we’re doing our best to understand both your business processes and your current goals. Afterward, we take the time to think them through and outline the project. We won’t advise you to start a project without seeing that it will bring expected value to your business.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

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