Customer Relationship Management System

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Basic Set-Up


Accounts & Permissions

Our specialists will take care of connecting your entire team and setting up the system. We’ll ensure that all email addresses, calendars, permissions or visibilities are set up precisely the way you need.


Data Migration & Structuring

We’ll make sure that pipelines are designed in a way that reflects your business sales processes. Any data that you need to track will be organized and stratified within the system. We’ll also import your data from any other CRM system you’re using to ensure that nothing is lost.


Dashboards & Reports

With our service, you’ll always be up to date with any important statistics. We will define and implement required reports that reflect the most important sales process factors and make them easy to share with all users you need.


Webforms & Chatbots

Let’s make your system an automated sales machine! We’ll set up Webforms and Chatbots designed and integrated with your website, so all crucial data is automatically added and organized the right way.


Make it run!


Make it efficient!

Ongoing support

Make it reliable!

// Integration

Additional Integrations

01. Automated Lead Generation

Are you getting leads from the Internet?

We can get them added automatically to the system – it doesn’t matter if they are coming from a webform, chatbot, appointment scheduler or specifically prepared lead page.

We pay attention to the systematization from the beginning of the design process – that’s why you can be sure that data, no matter where it’s coming from, will be entered into the system the right way.

This way, you can avoid confusion down the road and scale your business easier and faster.

Let us know what are your lead sources and we’ll make sure that they’ll be connected the right way.

02. Appointment System

IIt’s crucial to track and manage upcoming events successfully. Even better if it happens automatically.

TThanks to this integration, you’ll be able to:
– Generate your personal invitation link for every event
– Handle upcoming meetings through your favorite app (Zoom, Google Meet)
– Get your meetings recorded and saved in the system
– – Create data for newly registered prospects
– – Create activities that will represent upcoming events
– Automatically book a time in your calendar after an event is scheduled
– Generate a personal meeting room link and send it to your client
– If necessary, cancel the meeting directly from your CRM or calendar

Additionally, your newly created events can trigger a specific e-mail/SMS sequence, generate a specific document or notify specific people. Everything to make your business work faster and more efficiently.

Let us know how should it work and we’ll take care of that.

03. Automated Communication

Let us help you optimize your business communication patterns so that every important information is always automatically sent to your prospects or customers.

We can automate almost any type of message that you need to send to your clients. Thanks to systematization, we ensure that customer-specific data is correctly added to a message – it can be a specific meeting time, client details or the amount to be paid. We can help with any idea!
Any e-mail campaign can be easily combined with an SMS and sent in the desired sequence. Here again, the sky is the limit.

If you are wondering, yes – all the data is always synchronized with specific prospects/clients in your CRM, so you can easily track what happens in your business all in one place.

Convinced? Let us help you implement that!

04. Calling System

Lots of companies use long lists of prospects to call every day. Calling them manually on the phone and writing each entry in the activity log individually worked years ago. However, these days technology can easily handle all the repetitive work!

You need a fully automated and integrated call center system that allows your sales team to work seamlessly.

Integrating a calling system will allow you to:
– Call leads straight from the CRM
– Save the history of the calls and their recording in related deals
– Send/receive SMS and get them saved into your system immediately

We have also successfully implemented auto-dialer solutions!

Although we have our trusted applications that we can highly recommend, we can connect almost any existing system. Tell us about your preferences, and we’ll see what we can do.

Interested? Let us know how you need your calling system to work, and we’ll take care of the rest.  

05. Document Automation

Filling, sending or collecting documents can take a lot of time.

But not with our automated solutions!

Imagine how much time you can save if you allow your system to automatically:
– Generate specific documents
– Fill these documents with CRM data
– Send these documents
– Get them e-signed
– Send a follow-up sequence when clients forget about it
– Notify you and conduct any action automatically when the document is signed
– Be notified about these events and have your data updated in the CRM

On the other hand, we also provide client portal solutions that may help you:

– Create specific lists of documents to collect
– Generate a personal link and send it to your customer
– Update CRM with a client’s personal link
– Collect all required documents
– Notify when the collection is completed
– Update your system after
– Sending follow-up sequences to your clients when needed

Think how much you can save when the numbers of sent/received documents start to grow.

We have already successfully implemented many of these solutions, and always to clients’ satisfaction.

Don’t hesitate, reach out to us and let us know how you want it to work!

06. Invoice Automation

Every company has to deal with invoicing.
Many of them still are doing it manually. Don’t be like them.

We can help you integrate and fully automate your company’s invoicing process.

Here’s what you can achieve by doing that:
– Create customer data in the invoicing application
– Get your invoices generated straightly from CRM
– Use your CRM data to fill invoices
– Send invoices and track if they have been paid
– Record every payment or total customer revenue in the system
– Update deal status after getting invoice paid
– Get your CRM reports rich in valuable invoicing data

Automating all these tasks will save you plenty of time. If you’re sending or planning to send many invoices to your customers, this solution is for you.

Interested? Tell us more about your current invoicing process status, and we’ll see how we can help.


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