Customer Relationship Management System

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Basic Set-Up


Accounts & Permissions

Our specialists will connect your team and set up the system to ensure that email addresses, calendars, permissions, and visibilities are configured correctly.


Migration & Structuring

We offer data migration and structuring services to design pipelines that reflect your business sales processes, organize and stratify data, and import data from any other CRM system.


Dashboards & Reports

Our service will keep you informed on key stats. We‘ll create and set up reports that showcase crucial sales points and make them accessible to all necessary users.


Webforms & Chatbots

We‘ll set up Webforms and Chatbots integrated with your website to automate your system and organize data correctly.


Make it run!


Make it efficient!

Ongoing support

Make it reliable!

// Integration

Additional Integrations

01. Lead Generation

Do you get leads from the Internet? We can automatically add them to the system, regardless of source (webform, chatbot, appointment scheduler, lead page). We ensure data is entered correctly from the start, avoiding any confusion that could slow down business growth.

Let us know your lead sources and we’ll connect them properly.

02. Appointment System

Track and manage upcoming events automatically with this integration. Generate a personal invitation link, handle meetings with Zoom, Google Meet and other apps. Get recordings saved, create data for prospects and create activities for upcoming events. Automatically book time in calendar, generate meeting room link and cancel meetings from CRM or calendar. Trigger email/SMS sequences, generate documents and notify specific people.

Let us know how should it work and we’ll take care of that.

03. Automated Communication

We can help you automate your business communication so that important information is always sent to your prospects and customers. We can add customer-specific data like meeting times, client details, and payment amounts to messages. We can also combine email campaigns with SMS and synchronize all data with prospects and clients in your CRM.

Convinced? Let us help you implement that!

04. Calling System

Modern technology can make your sales team’s job easier. Our automated and integrated call center system allows you to call leads directly from your CRM, save call history and recordings, and send/receive SMS with immediate saving into your system. We have our trusted applications, but we can also connect almost any existing system.

Interested? Contact us and tell us your preferences, and we’ll take care of the rest.

05. Document Automation

Our automated solutions can save you time by generating and filling documents with CRM data, sending these documents, getting them e-signed, sending follow-up sequences when clients forget and updating your data in the CRM. We also provide client portal solutions to collect documents, update your system, and send follow-up sequences.

Don’t hesitate, contact us to find out how we can help you save time!

06. Invoice Automation

Integrate and automate your company’s invoicing process to save time. We can help you create customer data, generate invoices from CRM, fill invoices, send and track payments, record payments and revenue, update deal status, and get CRM reports with valuable invoicing data.

Interested? Tell us about your current invoicing process and we’ll see how we can help.


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