Robot Scripting

Make your systems handle advanced processes on autopilot, thanks to specifically programmed robots handling tedious and repetitive job.

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Scripted Workflow Robots

Automated Browsers

Do you have to do a lot of repetitive work with your browsers? Let our scripts handle the constant, time-consuming, repetitive job!

Cloud computing

Our bots work in the cloud 24/7. We design them, set them up and deploy them to give you a professional end-to-end solution!

Data Processing

No matter how advanced data processing is required, we’ll help you get the exact outcome you expect.

// use cases

Where can these solutions be applied?

Imagine having a fully automated drop shipping business. It will make sure how many products it is supposed to order, where they should be sent or how to communicate with the client during the whole journey.

Focus on scaling your business and looking for new niches or products instead of getting involved in a tedious, repetitive job.

Our specialists will help you design and implement robots working precisely as a human would.

Leave us a note and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

As an application owner or a project manager, you know exactly how important it is to get it tested properly. Manual testing is already a thing of the past, especially when speaking about complex and advanced projects. The bigger the project, the bigger the potential is for being affected by an unknown bug.

Let us build and run automated tests for your project. We will make sure that the application is tested the right way. Everything you need to get checked in the application; we’ll make sure it’s done.

Focus on the app development and let us take care of pilot-testing it..

Are you looking to scrape for data?

We can get any available information you need from the Internet – names, e-mails, phone numbers and, if necessary, import it into any software you would like.

Let us know what data you need to obtain, and we’ll write scripts to pull and save them in the exact format you need

// Process

How are our robots created?


Before we start, we always make sure that we are on the same page. For this reason, a project timeline and milestones are created. When projects are more complicated and require better analysis, we structure the project using a process flowchart.


As soon as we know the direction, we’re going and what we want to accomplish, we make sure that we choose the right tools and that the final interface, which the end customer uses, meets the desired expectations.


Once everything is ready, we start the work. In this phase, all the source code and integrations are being created. After creation, we carefully test the code’s functionalities and work on problems that appear.


After testing all assumptions and functionalities, we’re happy to give the final product to the customer. We wrap up everything and deploy scripts on the server. Next, we carefully monitor system efficiency and adjust any issues that appear.


Satisfation in the first place

They did impossible

The program Seamless has implemented for my team freed up tons of time for our employees and allowed us to complete our work 4 times as quickly.

Kris was readily available whenever I needed him. We have a 6 hour time difference and he was more than willing to help even if it was occasionally very late his time.

They basically did the impossible for us. They’ve beaten multiple captchas and set up a self-sufficient/correcting system that could work for us on autopilot.

If you want reliable work that will give back hours of your time, work with Seamless and they will make any automation compatible for your needs.

Michael Brown

Owner - M2 Trading Company
Jun 30, 2021

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